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You Truly
Is Your Business Running YOU?
From: Shaun McCloskey 
Where: St. Louis, MO
Dear Business Owner,

There’s a popular message with many national speakers, business owners and social media that says you have to “work your face off” and sacrifice everything to build a successful company and have a great life.

Can I ask you a few questions? Please answer honestly… 
  • Are you exhausted putting in 40, 50, 60+  hours a week?
  • ​Spending more of your life with your employees than with your spouse and kids?
  • ​Feel like your business would DIE without you there 24/7? 
  • Are your relationships and hobbies suffering because of work?
  • ​On vacation with your family... but your mind is still at the office?
  • ​Comparing your ‘success’ with how much money you or others make?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you’re not alone.

Design Your Ideal Business Around
“Your Genius Zone” 
As an entrepreneur, your nature is to do what it takes to get it done… no matter what the cost.

But that’s the problem, isn’t it? 

The price you pay is costly because it’s often with your life… what you do with your time.

When it comes down to it, the choice is yours…  

You can keep hustling, stressing, working countless hours, and THINK that this is how you’re
supposed to create your legacy…

And continue to buy into this destructive myth of ‘putting off your happiness’ for when the timing’s ‘right’…


You can join us live in person on February 9-11 and allow me and my team to show you EXACTLY how to create a business you LOVE and runs on YOUR time.

You Can Have it All

It’s time to take your life back…
With the Business Vision Workshop.

This exclusive event was specifically created and designed for high achievers just like you.

At the Business Vision Workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Generate income and actually enjoy what you do by working in your ‘genius zone’
  • ​Identify your dream team players so you put the right people in the right place
  • ​Avoid stress and eliminate the stuff that drains your soul
  • Stop your business from running and dictating your life and lifestyle
  • ​Make critical decisions with absolute certainty and clarity 
  • ​Find Your passion and your mission…what you were MEANT to be doing
  • ​Breakdown your business vision into Small Steps That Lead to Huge Breakthroughs
  • Discover (and live each day in) Your “Unique Genius Zone” 
So if you want REAL SUCCESS,

Then come join us in St. Louis, MO on  February 9-11 for the Business Vision Workshop.

The best part is, all you have to do is show up… ready, open, and willing.

This 3 day workshop will REVOLUTIONIZE how you think about your business and your life.

Meet Your Speakers
I invited 4 of the smartest, most respected, diverse, and successful entrepreneurs I know to share the Perfect Business Vision process with you…
And how they designed their business around their life.
The best part? They’ll show you from experience, not out of some college textbook.
You’ll experience 4 ROCKSTAR business owners who are running 6, 7, and 8 figure businesses. And they’ve each personally used the methods and techniques that I’m going to share with YOU.
Let me be clear. This is not a sell-a-thon and these speakers aren’t getting paid to be here. They’re flying in on their own dime – at their own expense – and aren’t here to “sell” you anything.
Why would they do this? First, they don’t need the money… their businesses are doing just fine on their own.
They’re doing so because they’ve personally gone through this exact process, and reaped massive benefits as a result.
They’re here to SHARE exactly how their businesses have exploded and how their lives have transformed.
Chuck Bauman
The Coach’s Coach
Chuck brings a rare breadth of experience and credentials to the team. As an author, speaker, entrepreneur and visionary, his insight has steered thousands of people to live their visions now rather waiting until “someday” .

Known as “The Coach’s Coach”, Chuck’s ability to break a business down and reconstruct it to be more efficient and productive is legendary amongst those who have experienced the process.

With certifications in Lean, Six Sigma, Project Management, Quality and Production, and Inventory Management are among the foundational keystones he utilized while leading a company with annual revenues in excess of $160 million per year.

A decorated combat veteran, cancer survivor, and Ironman competitor, Chuck’s life experience and relentless study of human behavior and neuroscience give him a base of knowledge to draw on that is both broad and, in his areas of interest, deep.

With a rare combination of wisdom, insight, and humor, Chuck’s presentation is simple, actionable, and life-changing in a real and present way. He has a unique ability to tell people the truth (while prefacing it with, “You know I love you, right?”) and bring blind spots and limiting beliefs to light, all the while encouraging and challenging them to see those faults within a solutions-based structure.

He is not only direct and forward, he is the most committed man I’ve ever met in helping to ensure you’re actually living YOUR vision and not someone else’s.
During the event, Chuck will bring up a number of volunteers from the audience and build a company with them right there on the spot, and it be like nothing you’ve ever experienced.
Leadership Boardroom Coach
On April 4th, 2007, just one day after his 40th birthday, Craig was laid-off from his 6-figure per year I.T. Security job. Luckily, for him and his family, Craig already had a back-up plan; Real Estate Investing! Since then he’s flipped close to 500 houses in the Baltimore Metro area, as well as Phoenix AZ, Indianapolis, and Florida.

Craig is a real estate investor, author, speaker and coach. He has a deep passion for people and those seeking to live more meaningful and more fulfilling lives. When Craig is not out changing lives, he can be found at his home in Maryland, with his wife Tracy and his two kids.

Anyone who knows Craig also knows his wife and kids are the most important thing in his life. Because of this, Craig will show you very specifically what it took to build his business so that it would provide him the freedom to do what he loves doing the most – being a great husband, father, friend, confidant – (and still have time to follow his hobby of being a competitive sharp shooter, singing and leading worship groups at his church and serving on several committees at his kids schools.) 

“I’ve coached hundreds of students and business owners, both newbies and grizzled veterans. The truth is, anyone can do this, but very few people will build their business in a way that honors EVERYTHING they claim to care about. Why not build it the right way straight from the start?” 

Craig will be sharing how he’s built an entire business with his personal life FIRST, enabling him to live the life most people dream about but never make their own personal reality.
CEO, HumanLytics
Know Who You Are – and Who You’re Not!

Having a hard time hiring the right people for the right seats on the right bus? 
Maybe it’s because you don’t know how to identify the right people to have on your team with crystal clear clarity.

Many small business owners think that having employees or help is only going to create more problems. “I don’t have time to train them” or “I can’t afford the help I need right now…” are common thoughts.  Even large businesses struggle in this area. 

The truth is, your team (including YOU) can make or break your business, so putting people in the roles in which their best suited is not only beneficial to the business, it also equates to the #1 reason people are either completely fulfilled or emotionally drained at the end of every work day.

Mike McCloskey from HumanLyitics will be sharing how one specific personality profiling tool (Predictive Index) can mean the difference between you having to train your employees for their roles or them training YOU.

But here’s what’s really interesting… Not only does this process assist in all areas of talent optimization (and Predictive Index complies with EEOC regulations and guidelines which is important when making talent decisions) it also ensures that you as the business owner are spending the majority of your time in the role in which you’re best suited.  It’s your TEAM that builds the business! And you’ll see first hand why, just because you’ve failed at creating the perfect team in the past doesn’t make you a failure at creating the perfect team. 

Mike is a Certified Talent Optimization Executive Coach who is dedicated to helping clients reach their fullest potential across all organizational levels. His experience includes leadership and team development as the Director of Learning and Development for some of the world’s largest and most recognizable brands, and, most recently, member of Executive Leadership teams where he was directly responsible for operations and culture of one of the largest non-profit organizations in the world.
RP Capital, Leadership Boardroom Coach
Ron Phillips has flipped thousands of houses, (literally flipped 800 of them just last year!) AND owns $28 million in apartments, AND built and sold a property management company, AND he’s the least stressed, most free real estate entrepreneur we know...all because he went through the same process of designing his businesses that  he’s going to walk you through in this workshop. 

To give you an idea, he’s built it so well that he lives in South Carolina and his entire business runs without him in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ron is truly an example of a visionary, and will show you how to become the same.

When I first met Ron roughly 5 years ago, he had hit the “pinnacle of success” according to not only his own terms, but also how everyone else typically views success. He’d gotten his business to the place where it no longer needed him to be there to thrive.

As much as everyone says they want this, there was just one problem. His entire identity was wrapped up in his business life, so when he finally “arrived,” he literally went through a period of depression.

Sounds crazy, I know, yet this happens all the time. Many who have seen this level of success also sacrificed everything in an effort to get there, and Ron is no exception. The problem? He had a great business and yet outside of that, couldn’t think of a single thing he wanted to do for fun. Business WAS his entire life. Until all of that changed in only the last few years.

Today, Ron is a completely different man, husband, father, leader and business owner, literally living every single aspect of his vision, from personal to business, and he’s going to show you exactly how he got there, and how to overcome your own struggles along the way.
Who This Workshop Is For
This event is for high performance entrepreneurs. 

Meaning… it’s about CHARACTER and the WILL to do what it takes to create the business and life you envision.  

It’s not about the money. It’s not about who has more. Bigger is not always better. 

I know plenty of people who make massive amounts of money and are miserable, on their 5th marriage, no relationship with their kids, drink massive amounts of alcohol or addicted to all sorts of drugs – with zero free time to actually have a life.  

So keep your ego at home.  

We’ll teach you the money part too, but the word “profit” encompasses a whole lot more than just finances.   

No one wants to be financially free only to wake up each week dreading Mondays, and yet according to Inc. Magazine, 85% of people in the workforce today can’t stand what they do for a living. 

That’s not what this is about… 

It’s about Drive, Passion, Focus & Profit –
in EVERY sense of the word.

You’re the perfect candidate for Business Vision Workshop 2022 if you’re…

  • Tired of “fluffy feel good” events that don’t teach any real, applicable content
  • Ready to start doing work you LOVE
  • Sick of babysitting bad employees and dealing with employee turnover
  • Struggling to establish boundaries between work and your personal life
  • ​Saying, “I don’t have the time to learn all this.” (If that’s you, you need this event more than anyone!)
  • ​Running on a hamster wheel day in and day out
  • ​Constantly ‘wishing’ you had more hours in a day, never feeling caught up with the demands 
  • ​Creating more and more ‘stuff’ to do (or never ending ideas you can never seem to implement) in your business

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is.

What matters is that you COMMIT to making a change. 

And it’s waiting for you at
Business Vision Workshop 2022.

Here’s What You Get

The Business Vision Workshop is different than any other conference or workshop you’ve ever attended.

Here’s why…

This isn’t pie in the sky fluff. It’s a strategic process that’s taken me 13 years to master.

And this is different than goal setting. Despite what you may have heard, goal setting by itself doesn’t work.

We’ve all set goals we’ve achieved...only to sacrifice everything else we say we care for in the process of attaining them. Goal setting by itself isn’t enough.

Instead, you’ll be taken through a proven process that takes you from where you are now to creating your IDEAL BUSINESS – one that literally wakes you up out of bed each day out of pure excitement!
Using this unique system, you’ll discover how to…
  • Operate the majority of your day in your “Unique Genius Zone”
  • Maximize your productivity while slashing your office hours
  • Identify and eliminate all the ‘stuff’ that blocks your road to freedom
  • ​Strategically plan your fast track to ‘the fastest path to cash’ in your business
  • ​Capitalize on breakthroughs…over and over again
  • ​Easily release the stress of seemingly never ending daily demands and deadlines

Sometimes, Less IS More

You’re going to find out real quick the things that BELONG in your life and the things that don’t belong.

And you’ll be putting new boundaries in place to ensure your business is designed around the way you want it to look, not what your parents want, not your spouse, not your staff, not your customers.

The Entrepreneurs I’ve worked with using this system have found more satisfaction, happiness and “profit” in their…
  •   Businesses
  •   Marriages
  •   Partnerships
  •   Relationships
  • ​  Families
  • ​  Peace of Mind
All while increasing their income and decreasing their workload!

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll get when you attend: 
  •   Predictive Index Personality Report
  •   Personal Vision Workbook
  •   Networking with High Level Business Owners
  •   Breakout sessions
  • ​  Process Map Template  
  • ​  Dream Employee Retention Strategies
  •   “Quit Your Day Job” Blueprint (if you have one…)
  • ​  Business Vision Hot Seats  

These are just a fraction of the tools and activities that will allow you to see business improvements in just DAYS… NOT weeks, months, or years!

What You’ll Experience

In order to help you find the freedom and wealth you want so you can travel, spend more time with family, actually have hobbies you love and do life on YOUR TERMS…

I’m surrounding you with other like-minded business owners.

The goal is To help you create a BUSINESS that GIVES you life…

Not one that ADDS more stuff to your plate and STEALS your life. 

And the formula for this is very simple:

Time = Life

Through coaching and mentoring hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners over the last 13 years, I’ve personally witnessed the immense power of this bare-bones formula.

So, as we dig into YOUR business and what’s going on in your life…

And once you understand YOUR unique strengths and areas of gifting…

You’ll be empowered to infuse more success AND satisfaction in your company’s health, productivity, growth, sales, revenue, efficiency, and morale.
…and you’ll have a lot more fun doing so.

You’ll spend less time stressing, less time ‘doing,’
and more time living.

My Personal Business Vision Guarantee

Here’s my personal promise and guarantee to you:

After attending the first two days of this 3-Day business boosting workshop, if it’s not the single best event you’ve ever attended - or should you decide you want your money back for ANY REASON, I’ll refund your ticket ON THE SPOT.

Simply turn in your workbook and say the word, and it’s done! 
 No questions asked. No hassles. No funny business. 

This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
February 9, 10, 11
Just so you know, absolutely NO WALK INS will be allowed at the event, and there are no plans to hold it again. This may be your only chance to attend.
As of right now, I don’t have plans for another!
We’ve already sold over 120 tickets without even promoting or advertising it.
So jump on this because it WILL sell out FAST!

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